Bicycle pooling

The ability of the students to find new ways of sharing a bicycle (or even a motorbike sometimes) will never cease to amaze me.

Street haircut

Today might be the day you want to look nicer for your other half; why not getting a haircut right down the street? The sure thing is it'll be cheap and fast!

Soviet style

[somewhere on Nguyễn Du street]


This is the doorstep of one of the fancy Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi; I'm not such a big fan of the food there, but I just love the subtle design & colors of the entrance, that nicely contrast with the rest of the street. The red roses must be remains of the (probably) overpriced Valentine's dinner!


There might not be McDonald's (yet) in Hanoi, but that doesn't mean people haven't already found their own way of re-inventing the American drive-through!

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